ESACT2022 motto (Advanced Cell Technologies: Making Protein, Cell, and Gene Therapies a Reality) reflects all the challenges set out with the establishment of ESACT for advancing the implementation and use of technologies that revolutionise a medical revolution. As at previous ESACT conferences, the program will be designed to provide access to the latest innovations, advances, tools and equipment in Cell Technology.





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Join us for the following posters sessions, and learn more about our technologies first hand with Pall Experts. Take the opportunity to meet us.


  • Shahin Heshmatifar

    Senior Bioreactor Application Specialist - SLS - Pall Corporation


    Evaluation of the Pall’s Allegro™ STR bioreactor for use in cultivation of mammalian suspension cells and lentiviral vector production


    Targeting cost-effective large-scale manufacturing for r-AAV vectors by transient transfection using Pall’s Allegro™ STR bioreactors

  • Miriam Tuschy-Mori

    Commercial Development Manager - Gene Therapy - Pall Corporation


    Scale up of a Lentiviral Production Process from the iCELLis® Nano Bioreactor to the iCELLis 500 + Bioreactor

Pall Booth: We are glad to invite you to visit Pall Corporation at booths 48+49+52+53 HALL 2 in order to learn more about our product portfolio.


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Location: Lisbon Congress Centre
City, State & Country: Lisbon, Portugal





The rapid rise of new manufacturing modalities, from viral vector therapies to mRNA vaccines, has coincided with a digital revolution in how we work. It is clear that adapting to change must be a holistic approach to allow companies to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.