DASCS2022 will have a main theme on Stem Cells in Personalised Medicine with focus on exciting topics such as stem cell therapy venturing, mesenchymal stroll cells, regulatory aspects, organoid tech, immunomodulation, neurodegeneration, manufacturing and biomaterial engineering.






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Pall® Products

Location: Rungstedgaard Hotel
City, State & Country: Copenhagen, Denmark






Want To Create Your Virtual Facility? Register for your free AcceleratorSM Vision Platform guest account today.


Project yourself in your future facility, design an end-to-end process, streamline operations and reduce development time simply and easily with our web-based Accelerator Vision Platform.


Your free guest account enables you to: 

Visually plan your layout to include process flow simulations to ensure that the solution fits your process needs.

Immerse yourself in your space with virtual reality and explore Pall’s technical solutions in 3D.

Create a PDF project report listing equipment, dimensions, footprint, etc.

Request support directly from Pall specialists by clicking the “Ask Us” button in the program.





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