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Bioburden Reduction Filters - Liquid (0.45 micron)

Pall’s superior clarification and prefiltration technologies improve biopharmaceutical manufacturing by effectively reducing bioburden and removing contaminants from process streams.

Harmful particles may appear from outside sources or as a result of the manufacturing process itself, as in the case of residual undissolved powders or solid impurities left behind following mixing operations. These contaminants jeopardize the quality of the final product, and may cause premature fouling of downstream filters. This fouling leads to equipment downtime for maintenance, interrupting the production process and increasing operational costs. Clarification filters remove particles from fluid streams by direct interception and sieving, where the unwanted particles are caught in or on the surface of the filter medium. Prefiltration filters extend the life of final filters for maximum performance and cost savings. Pall’s high-quality filters reduce bioburden, perform contaminant removal, and streamline the clarification process. Pall’s UpScaleSM program and filter compatibility with Allegro single-use systems hold an advantage over other marketed filtration devices.


Pall's Clarification Capabilities

Pall® filters specialize in two types of direct flow clarification:

  • Depth Filtration: features layers of fibers compressed to form a ‘depth’ of filter medium
  • Membrane Filtration: typically utilizes thin sheets of synthetic filter media that is designed to capture particles larger than the minimum pore size
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Depth filters are ideal to effectively remove large volumes of suspended solids, whereas membrane filters are more suitable for fluids with lower dirt content. Pall’s filters are single-use systems that offer cost-effective solutions by decreasing filtration time, increasing throughput, and reducing the need for multiple filter change-outs. These products are fully scalable (from laboratory to manufacturing operations). Whether needing to prepare small volumes of reagents, individual bottles of buffers or media, or develop pharmaceutical processes, Pall has the products to meet all clarification needs.


Pall UpScaleSM Program - Clarification and Prefiltration

When the scaling-up process begins, Pall’s UpScaleSM program helps make it effortless. Designed and constructed to include identical materials, we have different sized cartridges and capsules for each specific Pall® prefilter grades. The congruency between filters ensures scaled-up and scaled-down studies yield relevant information with minimum requalification. The UpScaleSM program is advantageous for new products in early stages of development. Nylon 66, PTFE, polypropylene, resin-bonded glass fiber, and cellulose-based depth media are the clarification products available in Pall’s UpScaleSM program.


Prefiltration in Allegro Single-Use Systems

Allegro single-use systems are equipped to accommodate our high performance filters. In addition, we provides customized disposable format systems consisting of clarification capsule filters with customized tubing systems and biocontainers. Single-use capsule filters are available in a broad range of sizes (few centimeters to several meters) to meet a variety of needs.

Bioburden Reduction (.45 micron)

High Quality Clarification and Prefiltration Filters Ensure Exceptional Stream Cleanliness

Pall’s filters improve biopharmaceutical product throughput while reducing bioburden and removing unwanted contaminants to optimize the production process. For more information about Pall’s filtration devices, click here to see purchase information or to talk with a Pall expert.



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