New Product Introduction: Allegro™ STR 2000 Single-Use Stirred Tank Bioreactor

Launching the 2000 L single-use bioreactor, ideal for working volumes of 400 to 2000 L.

September 2, 2016

Pall continues to improve cell culture with the launch of the 2000 L single-use bioreactor with working volumes of 400 to 2000 L. Pall now has a family of 3 geometrically similar stirred tank bioreactors, all with a direct bottom-driven impellor delivering great power inputs, supporting good, scalable cell culture performance, across the range from 60 L to 2000 L. These systems are the industry’s most compact, ergonomic and intuitive to handle single-use bioreactors, with a height below 3m.    

A new dimension in single-use cell culture performance.