Pall® Freeze & Go Solutions Protected by RoSS* Technology

Some combinations are so strong it's simply genius. But when you combine Pall's end-to-end support and class-leading Allegro™ biocontainers with RoSS technology - that's cryogenius.


Discover a new one-stop solution for the frozen storage and transport of your drug substance that’s safe, protected, supported and tailored to your process. 


See a work of cryogenius!


You will learn: 

  • How Freeze & Go Solutions can minimize product loss between bulk filling and final filling production steps
  • The cost and product quality benefits of controlled freezing in single-use biocontainers
  • How comprehensive extractables and leachables and transport validation packages contribute to a one-stop solution


Claire Jarmey-Swan

Global Product Manager, Pall Corporation


David Rigterink


Freeze/Transport & Thaw Platforms Specialist, Pall Corporation

Johannes Kirchmair


Co-founder and CEO, Single Use Support GmbH

Patrick Evrard


 Senior Principal Engineer, Pall Corporation

Peter Black


R&D Engineer II, Pall Corporation

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September 2021

New Product Launch: The Palltronic Flowstar V Instrument


Discover a new level in filter integrity testing as we introduce our newest instrument and show you how it meets the latest industry needs and regulations to be first choice in critical applications.


We’ve seen huge changes in the pharmaceutical industry since we introduced our first filter integrity test instruments in the 1980s.  Join us, as we jet set through the evolution of filter integrity testing and reveal our newest addition to the Palltronic family.


We will look at:

  • How UX (user experience) testing has made this our easiest and most intuitive system yet
  • Automation options for simplified PUPSIT and control of your process
  • Data integrity compliance to the highest standards.


Find out how the Palltronic Flowstar V instrument can be integrated seamlessly into your process and reduce operator time spent on filter testing.