New Filter Plates in 24-well Format for Workflow Improvements

Filter plates


Pall supplies a comprehensive range of 24-well, 7 mL, filter plates that offer researchers a complete solution for their workflow needs, from cell harvesting to final sample preparation for analysis. There is no longer a need for customers to switch from a 24-well format, reducing the chance of error or the loss of valuable product.


AcroPrepTM 24-well filter plates are available in the widest variety of membrane options allowing customers the best choice of 24 multi-well filter plate based on application and pore size requirements.


Ultrafiltration (MWCO) Filter Plates


AcroPrep 24-well filter plates with Omega membrane can be used for ultrafiltration applications including desalting, diafiltration, concentration or fractionation of protein and nucleic acid samples. The Omega ultrafiltration membrane is a polyethersulfone membrane specifically modified to minimize protein and nucleic acid binding. The Omega membrane works on the premise of size exclusion, where samples are fractionated by molecular weight. Larger molecules can be separated from smaller molecules by selecting the appropriate molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) and filtering the sample through these plates by either centrifugation, vacuum, or positive pressure, typically resulting in ≥ 90% recovery of target molecules.




Cell Clarification and Sterile Filtration Plate


Pall’s clarification and sterile filtration AcroPrep 24-well filter plate can both clarify and sterile filter in a single device and in one workflow step. Each of the 24 wells contains the Pall Seitz® depth media layered over a 0.65/0.2 μm Supor® EKV. With either a vacuum manifold or centrifuge, high density cell cultures (such as CHO or HEK) can be quickly processed resulting in the capture of cells, cell debris and other biological aggregates in the filter media. The filtrate collected by the 24-well collection plate contains only proteins and other sub 0.2 μm particles. 




Sterile Filtration and General Aqueous Filtration Plates


Pall’s sterile filtration AcroPrep 24-well filter plate is well suited for the high volume (up to 7 mL) plate-based sterile filtration of media, reagents, serum or protein. The filter plate features a dual-layer, 0.65 μm membrane integrated with a highly asymmetric 0.2 μm membrane, this offers a fast, efficient, and sterilizing grade filtration. 


Also available with 0.1, 0.45, 0.8, 1.2 and 5 μm pore size ratings, these versatile filter plates can be confidently incorporated into a number of laboratory 24-well format workflows. AcropPrep 24-well filter plates with Supor membrane can be used for a variety of applications. The Supor polyethersulfone membrane enables fast filtration, has low protein binding properties and offers extensive drug and chemical compatibility.


Introduction of two new AcroPrep™ 24-Well Filter Plates