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The Unusual Suspects in HPLC Sample Preparation

Have you seen these HPLC criminals in your lab? Lock them up with Pall laboratory!

Who are these vicious criminals?


Every analytical laboratory can be at threat from the everyday issues caused by the same troublesome characters. These troublemakers can cause problems with column life, HPLC maintenance, usability for operators and most importantly, result quality. Discover who these Unusual Suspects are.


hplc lab dangers




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Get to know the poor unsuspecting victims!



hplc lab vulnerabilities

The Unusual Suspect criminals are destroying lives in a HPLC lab near you!




hplc lab back pressure






hplc sample prep error








hplc column blockage

Barry Backpressure injures Theodore Thumb



HPLC sample preparations can wreak havoc on the poor thumbs of your staff. Without optimizing this - it is Theodore who suffers! 


Filtering dirty samples can often be very difficult and it can require a lot of effort from your thumb to push the sample through.  If you are filtering repeatedly this can cause pain and discomfort.  Follow the story to find out how you can avoid this.





Pedro’s Peaks ruined



Quality results are essential, especially in mass spectrometry. Air bubbles in the mobile phase, extractables in filter hardware, and particulates in your samples or solvents can cause ghost and tailing peaks and high baseline interference. With no sample prep optimization – it is Pedro who pays the price with his hair!


Air bubbles in the system can cause pressure issues and so can affect peak shape and analyse accuracy.  Correct removal of air is essential.  On top of this, when using Mass spec, leachables and extractables from plasticware can cause ghost peaks and mean that your results are unusable.  Find the right way to solve these problems by seeing what happens to The Unusual Suspects.





Carolina gets blocked up



Column blockage can result in extremely high column replacement costs, as well as creating backpressure which in turn affects your results.


It isn’t difficult to block columns with particulate matter if your samples aren’t correctly filtered.  Particulates can affect your analyses and eventually cause column damage or blockage which results in system downtime and costly replacement.  Click below to solve this for good.





See how Pall products can put these criminals behind bars




hplc lab lock 1






hplc lab lock 2






hplc lab lock 3






hplc lab lock 4

Barry Backpressure beaten back



Pall Acrodisc® PSF GHP syringe filters have been shown to extend column life by over 40X with no significant increases in backpressure. saving on column replacement. The high effective filtration area of Acrodisc products compared to other products makes filtration quick and easy, especially useful for preparation of multiple samples.





Alice and Patty stopped in their tracks



Cleaning-up and degassing mobile phases with Pall SolVac®, extends column life while maintaining results quality and consistency. Compared to glass funnel filters, SolVac, with its patented magnetic seal, is easy to use, eliminates washing and transfer steps, and minimizes spillage potential by drawing directly from the solvent bottle.






No way through for Patty Particulate



With Pall Acrodisc® PSF GHP syringe filters you can make sure Carolina enjoys a long, happy life and your results are of consistently high quality!








Eddie Extractable eradicated



The Acrodisc MS range is tailor-made for mass spectrometry applications. Its water wettable PTFE membrane and polyethylene hardware ensure extremely low extractable levels, reducing ion suppression / enhancement.








Lock Them Up!

Acrodisc® Syringe Filters with GHP Membrane

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Acrodisc® MS Syringe Filter

The Certified Syringe Filters for LCMS Techniques

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SolVac® Filter Holder

Simplifies Clean-Up and Degassing of Mobile Phase Solvents and Other Solutions


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