AcroPrep™ Filter Plates

Wide variety of membranes and formats available to deliver high performance sample preparation for demanding workflows

By combining innovative membrane filter technology with optimized multi-well plate designs, Pall’s AcroPrep  portfolio offers 24, 96, and 384-well high performance filter plates that result in fast sample flow and targeted size separation for efficient filtration, accurate separation, and reliable sample recovery all while minimizing crosstalk and extractable/leachables that can interfere with downstream analysis.  A comprehensive selection of membranes, sample well volumes, and tip configurations allows researchers to select the best filter plate that fits their specific application needs.  As your workflow evolves, Pall AcroPrep filter plates can scale with you in both sample volume and/or sample size without wasting time from membrane re-validation or product re-selection. 


  • Multi-well filter plates allow for high throughput and rapid sample processing
  • Filter plates can be utilized across a number of life science and analytical applications and workflows
  • Various filter choices – Specialized membranes and media accommodates a range of applications to guarantee success
  • Optimized outlet tips – Minimizes sample leakage during incubation steps and reduces the presence of hanging drops following filtration
  • Smooth well design – Provides consistency in filtration times, as well as efficient sample and bead recovery
  • Optimized well geometry – Results in fast, uniform filtration rates across filter plates, thereby improving well-to-well, plate-to-plate, and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Automation compatible – Manufactured in accordance with SBS guidelines, allowing plates to be run in manual, semi-automated, and automated processes



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24-well Filter Plates

Pall offers two 24-well filter plates, the AcroPrep 24-well Clarification and Sterile Filtration Plate and the AcroPrep 24-well Sterile Filtration Plate.

96-well Filter Plates

96-well filter plates are available with various media and membranes that can be used across a range of laboratory life science and analytical applications. 

384-well Filter Plates

Available in a variety of membrane configurations, AcroPrep 384-well Filter Plates meet the requirements of numerous applications.