Developing high-producing, stable cell lines is fundamental to the production of biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, bi-specific monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins and vaccines. The expense of the drug discovery process is well recognized. To reduce development costs, there is increasing pressure on researchers to quickly and efficiently maneuver through the early stages of biotherapeutic discovery and biotherapeutic candidate selection. Key to driving efficiency is to quickly generate and select clonal cell lines that deliver high concentrations of quality recombinant protein, while screening out clone candidates that may fail in process scale-up as early as possible.


As a global leader in high-tech filtration and purification systems, Pall offers solutions to support researchers throughout the cell line development process. High performance

proprietary membranes address the challenges of complex next generation biologics, while supporting scale-up to commercial manufacturing processes. Innovative and time-saving products for filtration, separation, and sample preparation help streamline workflows and ensure sterility from gene editing, through cell culture, to omics analysis.