Cloning and expression of proteins through bacterial, yeast, insect, or mammalian cell culture presents specific challenges. Aseptic techniques and sterility in cell culture are paramount to avoid contamination and downstream complications. Contamination of cell cultures can lead to poor cell health and cell death, reduced cell line performance, low product yield, and loss of confidence in the integrity of the sample extracted.


In addition to ensuring aseptic or sterile culture conditions,

 media and nutrient feeds need to be filter sterilized to avoid introducing contaminants to the cell culture environment. Cross-contamination when handling cell lines also needs to be avoided to ensure reproducible results.


Pall's low protein binding 0.2 µm filter media offer fast and efficient filtration to maintain sterility in cell culture applications. From small feed volumes of a few milliliters to over 100 liters, proprietary dual layer membranes enable sterile filtration of nutrient rich media and supplements while ensuring valuable nutrients are not lost.


Our 0.1 µm Supor® membrane, an inherently hydrophilic polyethersulfone (PES) membrane that is retentive of mycoplasma, offers the best line of protection against mycoplasma contamination in serum or serum-containing media for cell culture.


Our range of in-line vent air filters ensure sterility of air coming into the cell growing vessels, and gasses coming out of the vessel while protecting liquids from entering into devices such as a vacuum pump.