Gene editing has advanced in recent years through molecular tools such as zinc finger nucleases (ZFN), transcription activator-like effector nucleases (TALENs), and most recently, the CRISPR/Cas9 system. These techniques have driven considerable improvements in accuracy and ease-of-use when engineering cell lines for optimal biotherapeutic production.


Despite technical advancements, multi-step gene editing workflows remain resource intensive involving: gene selection,

 PCR amplification, DNA extraction, DNA clean up, restriction enzyme digest, ligation, and ultimately, insert verification. Constant vigilance is required to avoid contamination and downstream complications. Standard techniques often involve multiple purification steps, each one associated with significant product loss. Large amounts of quality DNA are therefore necessary to guarantee a successful cellular transformation or transfection.

Gene Editing Solutions


Pall centrifugal ultrafiltration devices simplify many common nucleic acid preparation procedures. Restriction digest of plasmid DNA and DNA amplification products can be carried out within the centrifugal device. DNA constructs can be concentrated and desalted while simultaneously allowing primers and other contaminants to pass into the discarded filtrate during a five-minute centrifugation step. Ligation of the DNA fragments into the vector can also be completed directly within the ultrafiltration device rendering the product ready for transformation into competent cells. Reducing unnecessary transfers and liquid handling manipulation of the sample leads to significant savings in time, labor, and starting materials.


Nucleic acid binding (NAB) products provide flexibility, reduced risk of cross-contamination, and a smooth flow for sample processing. The NAB Nanosep® centrifugal device incorporates a high-binding innovative double layer glass fiber membrane. High-quality and quantity yields with even recovery of fragments as small as 50bp up to 10,000bp, support multiple downstream applications, while saving time and resource by removing the need to process additional samples.


NAB products are available in Nanosep® single tube spin device format, and the high-throughput AcroPrep™ Advance 96-well filter plate format. This media offers researchers the flexibility to purify plasmid DNA (pDNA), and genomic DNA (gDNA), or total RNA in a single device.


Simplify gene editing workflows and streamline inventory orders with our ultrafiltration and purification systems.