Effective strain construction through the transformation of bacterial cells (such as E. coli), or transfection of yeast (such as S. cerevisiae) or mammalian cells (such as CHO, HEK) requires efficient recovery, concentration, and delivery of the target nucleic acid fragments.


Preparation of small volumes of media for transformation or transfection requires specific strain constructs with variations in amino acids or antibiotics. Sterile syringe filters help you to 

maintain sterility when handling small media volumes that cannot be autoclaved. Pall Laboratory 0.2 µm sterile filters and capsules ensure that small or large batches of liquid media are efficiently filtered to remove the risk of contamination. Where further concentration of the construct is required prior to introduction into the cells, our wide range of low molecular weight cut-off (3 to 1,000 kDa) ultracentrifugation devices and plates streamline sample handling and preparation processes.