Due to the nature of biopharmaceuticals, terminal sterilization is not possible, efficient sterile filtration through a 0.2 µm filter is essential to ensure biological contamination is removed prior to downstream processing. Sterile filtration will reduce the risk of the subsequent growth of microorganisms in the solution increasing sample stability before purification of the target protein


Choosing the right filtration system can significantly improve

workflow efficiency and reduce cost. Selecting a system where optimized filtration parameters can be scaled up to commercial requirements, reduces the risks of impacts on Critical Quality Attributes of the product due to changes in established processes at a later stage.


At Pall Laboratory we can help you to select the optimal filtration system for your application from our range of high-performance dual-layer sterile filters. Our filters can reduce filtration time, increase throughput, reduce the need for multiple filter changes, and save in overall filtration costs.

Our AcroPak capsule products range in size from 20 cm2 to 1,500 cm2 effective filtration area (EFA). Three membranes choices are available in configurations that scale-up to products for pilot and full-scale production.


AcroPak Products with Supor® PES Membrane quickly process difficult-to-filter solutions such as viscous or particulate-laden solutions. Supor membrane offers high flow rates and consistently higher total solution throughputs due to higher porosity than most other membranes. It is ideal in situations where rapid filtration or short processing times are essential or where low protein binding is required.