Faster Sterile Vacuum Filtration

Fast and innovative lab filtration with a higher throughput

Laboratory vacuum filtration is an easy and convenient way to filter fluids and can be generated using a pump, in-house vacuum lines, or by a faucet aspirator system. Vacuum filter units, also known as bottle top vacuum filters, are popular for sterile media and buffer preparation. We offer a full selection of VacuCap® & VacuCap PF (Pre Filter) Vacuum Filtration Devices offering a bottle free bottle top filter.


Laboratory vacuum filter units are popular lab essentials to filter media, serum, buffers and small-batch reagents. Important properties of vacuum filters include:


  • Fast flow rates
  • High throughput
  • No extractables
  • Low binding


Our VacuCap and VacuCap PF Sterile Vacuum Filtration Units Meet the Important Properties Plus:

  • Eliminate contamination, risk of spills and lost time by drawing fluid directly from mixing flask into the filter unit.
  • Use the full filtration potential (up to 5 liters) to fill multiple media bottles
  • Improve safety and ergonomics through eliminating repeated lifting and pouring
  • Improve throughput and flow rates of difficult-to-filter solutions with a built-in prefilter, 0.8/0.2 µm VacuCap PF filter unit
  • Reduce plastic waste and storage space required compared to bottle top vacuum filters.


Explore How VacuCap Filter Unit Can:

  • Replace current vacuum filter systems 
  • Simplify workflow 
  • Maximize filtration


VacuCap® & VacuCap PF Vacuum Filtration Devices

An easy and convenient way to filter fluids
An easy and convenient way to filter fluids
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