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Equipment, Pumps, Manifolds & Spare Parts

18 Product Families

Sentino® Microbiology Pump

Maximize Workspace and Minimize Contamination Risk


  • Compact design – Small footprint frees valuable benchtop space and provides flexibility in arranging workspace for optimal efficiency and workflow.
  • Minimal height – Allows convenient use in a hood fitted with a sash that can limit upward range of motion during routine analysis.
  • Disposable fluid path – Simple to load and completely disposable to eliminate potential biofilm build-up. There is no need to clean, wrap, and autoclave a bulky multi-place manifold. The potential for sporadic and unnecessary contamination is removed.
  • Peristaltic flow design – Pulls sample through the filter and fluid path eliminating the need for a vacuum source. Also ensures the fluid flows in one direction without the potential for back-up and contamination of analysis.


2 Part numbers available

Sentino® Filter Dispenser

Simple design, reliable dispense


  • Easy to load — Simple loading and unloading of refill pack at any point during use.
  • No jamming — Guide plates assist loading and keep refill web in alignment during use to avoid jamming of the instrument.
  • Soft touch keypad — Aseptically dispense a disc of membrane at the touch of a button.
  • Designed to hold 200 membrane discs — Saves time by eliminating interruptions to reload dispenser.


10 Part numbers available

Sentino® Filter Funnels

Easy to use, disposable funnels for microbiological monitoring of aqueous solutions


  • Easy Placement - The Sentino Filter Funnel and Adapter are designed with a press-fit seal, membrane guides and forceps access point allowing for simple set up and membrane removal. This will speed up the process time in the laboratory.
  • Risk Reduction - The Sentino Filter Funnel and Pall Membranes reduce the risk of a contamination event as compared to reusable funnels. The filter funnels are gamma irradiated eliminating the need for autoclaving or any other cleaning/sanitizing techniques. This will save time and money by eliminating the need to investigate contamination events resulting from the reusable devices.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Membrane filtration is the method of choice for microbial monitoring of aqueous solutions as specified in "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater" and Pharmacopoeias worldwide.
  • Easy and accurate sample measurement


6 Part numbers available

47 mm Magnetic Filter Funnels

Unique Magnetic Seal Allows Easy,

One-Handed Vacuum Filtration of Liquids


  • No-leak magnetic seal allows one-hand operation.  
  • Polyphenylsulfone construction is compatible with anti-foaming agents and many other solvents.
  • Convenient.  150 mL size allows for easy fit into small autoclaves and 500 mL size is ideal for filtration of large samples.


12 Part numbers available

Sentino® Magnetic Filter Funnels

Designed for Use with the New Sentino Microbiology Pump


  • Variety of sizes - Available in 150, 300, and 500 mL. Convenient 150 mL size easily fits into small autoclaves; 500 mL size is ideal for large sample filtration.
  • Easy to use - No-leak magnetic seal allows one-handed operation.
  • Safe to use - Sturdy, polyphenylsulfone plastic construction is shatterproof and offers broad range of chemical compatibility.
  • Simple placement - Membrane guides help center filter on platform.


12 Part numbers available

Vacushield™ Vent Device

Protects Valves and Pump Components from Damage Due to Liquids


  • Incorporates a hydrophobic PTFE membrane
  • Allows air and gases to pass through freely while blocking aqueous solutions and aerosol contaminants
  • Offers highly effective retention of bacteria with minimal restriction of pump performance


1 Part number available

Absorbent Pad Kits

One-Handed Dispensing ofCellulose Absorbent Pads


  • Enables user to dispense a clean cellulose pad into a Petri dish whenever needed without touching the pad.
  • Handy dispenser kit holds 1 tube of 100 absorbent pads (10 tubes included). Each tube drops quickly into the hand dispenser for easy use.
  • Available non-sterile or gammairradiated. No EtO residuals to impede microbial growth.


2 Part numbers available

Vacuum / Pressure Pumps

Cost-Effective, Reliable Pumps Now Smaller and Lighter Weight


  • Reduces the risk of sample contamination. An air seal between the pump and cylinder provides oil- and dust-free vacuum/pressure delivery.
  • Compact design saves laboratory space.
  • Features a diaphragm for cleaner, quieter operation.


2 Part numbers available

25 mm Filter Funnels, Polysulfone

Economical, Autoclavable Funnels for Vacuum Filtration


  • Transparent funnels with graduations permit easy visual measurement.
  • Less expensive than stainless steel and more durable than glass.
  • Tapered stem fits standard size #2 stoppers.
  • Available in 50 and 200 mL capacities.


4 Part numbers available

25 mm In-line Filter Holder, Delrin* Plastic

Lightweight Filter Holder for Particulate Sampling


  • Domed inlet provides uniform sample distribution on the filter.
  • Delrin plastic offers broad chemical compatibility and material strength.
  • Accepts 25 mm filter discs.
  • Lightweight for venting and air monitoring applications.


1 Part number available

47 mm Filter Funnels, Stainless Steel

Ultimate Chemical Resistance and Easy Assembly


  • Quick, easy assembly. Funnel’s weight seals filter to base.   
  • 100 mL capacity with 50 mL calibration facilitates easy measurement.
  • Stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance.


2 Part numbers available

47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Aluminum

Lightweight, Anodized Aluminum Filter Holder


  • Convenient design allows opening and closing without disrupting membrane.


5 Part numbers available

47 mm In-line Filter Holder, Polycarbonate

Sturdy, Lightweight Unit for Monitoring Particulate in Gases or Liquids


  • Lightweight plastic construction.
  • Luer-Lok* vent plug facilitates removal of air bubbles in liquid filtration.


5 Part numbers available

47 mm Parabola Filter Funnel, Stainless Steel

One-liter Funnel with ExcellentChemical Compatibility


  • Bayonet twist-lock seal provides reliable sealing without an O-ring.
  • Stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance. 


2 Part numbers available

AcroPrep™ 96-well Filter Plates, 350 µL

Excellent for Use In High Throughput Sample Prep Applications


Discontinuation Notice


1 Part number available

Pall Laboratory Manifold

A unique microbiology manifold that allows you to optimize testing without sacrificing cleanliness. With interchangeable components and coupling devices, the manifold takes direction from you.


8 Part numbers available

Open-face Filter Holders

Lightweight, Corrosion-Resistant Filter Holders for Routine Air Sampling 25 mm holder is autoclavable.


  • Can be used for bacterial monitoring and particulate analysis.
  • 37 and 47 mm holders include a plastic cap that protects samples after filtration.


2 Part numbers available

Stainless Steel Forceps

Make Filter Handling Easy


  • Tips have a flat, smooth surface to avoid membrane filter damage.
  • Polypropylene finger grips provide a comfortable and secure hold. 
  • Choose traditional black or multi-colored finger grips. Bright colors make forceps easy to identify, track, and see on the lab bench.


2 Part numbers available