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Advanced Medical Diagnostic Solutions that Provide the Highest Level of Test Accuracy and Efficiency

Medical diagnostic teams need a reliable business partner with expertise in technology innovations and state of the art engineering. Pall ensures that manufacturing is done to ensure regulatory compliance is met. Pall understands that the world of medical diagnostics gets more complicated every day. We know that you’re counting on our team to provide you quality, so that you can provide your patients with superior quality.


Pall’s OEM business is founded on four core principles: manufacturing superior membranes, precision engineering, premium scientific and laboratory services with support, and quality manufacturing. Medical diagnostic applications are wide ranging and need to be handled delicately. These applications have a huge impact on population health and Pall knows how critical that impact can be, after all we have communities and families too.


Medical diagnostics require a range of regulatory compliance needs, subject to the state and complexity of applications involved. It is therefore essential that medical diagnostics teams have a partner that can guide them through the maze properly. Let Pall help your team.


Medical diagnostics equipment is growing in importance every day, and with that importance comes new complications and pressures. Medical diagnostics teams, like the rest of the medical industry are under increased pressure to improve quality outcomes and products while reducing cost and environmental impact. This pressure comes as more and more regulation gets heaped on, creating an environment where medical professionals are in short supply, because instead of practicing medicine they are busy trying to figure out how to comply with the new requirements.


Medical diagnostic applications save lives and provide a better future for society. These applications lead to new drug therapies, devices, laboratory tests and even new surgical procedures. These applications are often cheaper than other procedures and they influence up to 70% of all treatment decisions, yet it is often the first place insurance companies cut their costs.


Pall offers the largest selection of microporous membranes and separation materials such as: 


  • Plasma Separation Membranes
  • Diagnostic Membranes for Biomolecular Detection and Lateral Flow Assays
  • Diagnostic Membranes for Sample Preparation


These products are available in a wide range of materials allowing for applications in a diverse chemistry environment. Pall products are compatible with multiple sealing technologies and sterilization methods. Pall has extensive experience with manufacturing FDA-regulated devices and understands the quality specifications and standards that come with such endeavors.

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Plasma Separation

Pall’s premium Vivid™ Plasma Separation membrane generates plasma from whole blood in a single step using an asymmetric membrane structure
Pall’s premium Vivid™ Plasma Separation membrane generates plasma from whole blood in a single step using an asymmetric membrane structure
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