Pall ProTec® PF30S Filters Protect Against Contamination Without Affecting Results



Pulmonary Function Testing


Evaluating the health status of a patient’s lungs is daily clinical routine, be it for a first visit or within the diagnostic work-up of certain pulmonary diseases. Part of that lung function examination is the ‘pulmonary function test’ or PFT, which measures certain flows, volumes, and pressures of the lung. For this test, the patient is asked to perform both expiratory and inspiratory breathing maneuvers, both of which create high gas flows.


Filters Protect Against Cross Contamination


The problem: Several patients sharing the same PFT equipment implies a risk of cross contamination and therefore cross infection, which must be prevented. Preventative measures of course include regular cleaning and disinfection procedures of all parts of the equipment which might have been in contact with the patient’s exhaled breath. In addition, filters can also help to reduce the level of contamination of the PFT equipment during the test. However, this is associated with a challenge: PFT filters should on the one hand stop as many of the potentially contaminated aerosols from the patient’s exhaled breath as possible, but on the other hand interfere as little as possible with the diagnostics (that is to say, the filters should not influence flow rates or volumes).


(Almost) No Microorganisms, (Almost) No Interference with Test Results


The solution: Both laboratory and clinical studies have shown that the Pall PF30S Filter retains more than 99.9% of aerosolized microorganisms from a patient’s forced exhalation.1,2,3 Furthermore, this filter demonstrably does not cause any clinically significant interference with test results in adults or children, thanks to its bi-directional design, low flow resistance (0.6 cm H2O at 12 L/sec), and small housing volume (40 mL).4,5,6 Although the PF30S filter has a unidirectional removal efficiency of 99.9% the patient cross-contamination efficiency is 99.9999% (supported by a Technical Report by Spielberg).






Pulmonary Function Testing Applications

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