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The Laparoshield Laparoscopic Smoke Filtration System is a passive smoke evacuation system which removes particles, cells, virus and odor causing noxious chemicals from surgical smoke generated in laparoscopic procedures while maintaining a clear field of vision. It is indicated for use during any minimally invasive surgery involving insufflation, electrocautery, laser, or ultrasonic scalpel use. Watch our video below about the dangerous effects of smoke in the operating room and how Pall Medical can meet this challenging filtration requirement. 

Insufflation Gas Filtration in Diagnostic and Surgical Endoscopy

The gases used in laparoscopy are supplied via an insufflation system, which consists of a CO2cylinder, an insufflation pump and an application set. The commonly accepted rules for the handling of sterile surgical products are followed cautiously for all parts of this system that are reaching into the sterile surgical field. In contrast to these high level precautions the insufflation gases may often be directed to the sterile body cavity of the patient from a non-sterile gas cylinder or insufflation pump.

Insufflation equipment has been shown to be contaminated with particles and micro-organisms1,2,3. Contamination by back flow of patient fluids and blood, may pose an additional risk for potential cross contamination4,5,6. Back flow of fluids into the pump may also cause damage to the insufflation machine and put the technical staff at risk of contamination, when these products have to be repaired6.

PALL Insufflator Gas Filters

The Pall IGF Insufflator Gas Line Filters are validated to retain airborne bacterial and viral contamination. They provide a total barrier to potentially contaminated patient liquids and blood, and prevent the back flow of patient fluids into the insufflation pump. Pall IGF filters are available in a range of set variants that allow adaption of the concept of hydrophobic filtration to any clinical insufflation set up and to the various flow requirements.


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