Pall Medical Water Filtration Solutions for Infection Prevention


For 20 years Pall Medical has designed, validated, manufactured and supplied Point-of-Use (POU) Water Filters for use in healthcare facilities. Pall POU Water Filters are FDA 510(k) Cleared Class II Medical Devices for faucets, showers and ice machines. They are validated to act as a barrier to Legionella spp., Pseudomonas spp., non-tuberculous mycobacteria and other opportunistic waterborne pathogens which may lead to patient infections.


Pall Medical Water Filtration capabilities are applicable from the healthcare building’s water Point-of-Entry to the Point-of-Use, including equipment using water for sterile processing and endoscope reprocessing. During waterborne infection clusters or outbreaks, Pall Point-of-Use Water Filters can be easily installed within 24 hours, are complementary to common systemic disinfection measures and act as an adjunct to Water Management Programs.


Over one million Pall Water Filters are sold globally each year for use in diverse applications and installations.






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