Join us for the Aircraft Air Quality Industry Day on Wednesday 18th April 2018 at 8:30am in New Port Richey, Florida
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Aircraft Air Quality Industry Day

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Aircraft Air Quality is fast becoming a topic of great interest for airlines around the world as carriers seek to make gains in operational efficiency while providing the best possible cabin environment for their passengers and crew.

Time spent searching for the cause of an errant smell leads to operational impacts such as a 1-2 hour day delay and may even end in the removal of an entire engine.  The root cause of the smell is, often, never identified. The immediate cost of a delay, cancellation, or diversion is in the tens of thousands of dollars and leaves passengers and crew frustrated. Additionally, the EU261 regulation drives additional costs for European carriers. Airlines have tasked their procurement specialists, engineers, and technicians with exploring ways to mitigate the cost associated with these incidents and are looking for the best solutions and procedures that can drive significant operational and maintenance improvements.


The Pall Aerospace Aircraft Air Quality Industry Day is an opportunity for proactive airlines to share best practice and review the range of products currently available and in development that can help operators reach their desired operational, maintenance, and overall cost efficiency levels.




Engineers, Procurement Specialists, and Airline Management tasked with maximizing Cabin Air Quality, minimizing associated costs, and responsible for driving efficiency across operations.




08:30  - 08:45    



08.45 – 09:00     

Brief overview of the fresh air filtration system i.e CAT Clean Air Technology


09.00 – 09:15     

Brief overview of CAQS (Cabin Air Quality Sensor)


09.15  - 10:15     

Status of CAT (Clean Air Technology)

  • Lab Test results
  • Ground test results


10.15 – 10:30    



10.30 – 11:00   

Identified challenges and risks; including

  • Pressure restriction
  • Mounting and structure
  • System integration


11.00 – 11:30     

Risk mitigation activities – including OEM support             


11.30 – 12:00    

Status of CAQS (Cabin Air Quality Sensor)

  • Lab test results
  • Aircraft tests


12.00 – 12:30    



12.30 – 13:00  

 Identified challenges and risks and mitigations

  • Sensor contamination
  • Accuracy and reliability


13.00 – 13:30    

CAQS Mk 1 – proposed configuration


13.30 – 15:00    

System demonstration – CAT and CAQS

  • Demonstration of fume and odor removal efficiency
  • Management of system icing and water
  • Demonstration of CAQS odor identification
  • With and without CAT   


15.00 – 15:15    

Fast frame Video of CAQS longer duration test cycle


15.15 – 15:30     



15.30 – 16:30    

Open discussion and feedback from airlines on CAT and CAQS configuration and performance




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