Versalon™ T200 Tank Mounted Hydraulic Return Line Oil Filter Assembly

Eliminate harmful contamination from critical system fluids and extend equipment service life.

The Versalon T200 tank mounted filter provides demonstrated contaminant control in an economical package that is unrivaled by competition. Featuring the Supralon filter technology, the T200 provides best-in-class consistent fluid cleanliness when critical contaminant control is required. The Versalon family is tailored specifically for industrial and mobile equipment OEMs.

The T200 is the ideal return line filter for lubrication and hydraulic fluid filtration, whether it is for construction, agriculture, or industrial equipment. The superior performance of Supralon elements enables the OEM to extend service life of critical components and potentially lower warranty exposure from accelerated wear due to contaminants.


Key features of the Versalon T200 tank mounted filter, designed for construction, agriculture, or industrial equipment:


World Class Cleanliness

Consistent Performance

Hydraulic Return Line Oil Filter Assembly

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