Get to Know Nahdee – Commercial Contact and Risk Manager, ARG Member and World Traveler





When Nahdee Massaquoi, Commercial Contact and Risk Manager, isn’t in the office, she is traveling the world and finding the best hiking trails. Read on to learn about Nahdee, what advice she would give to those just starting in their careers and what the International Women’s Day slogan, #InspireInspiration, means to her.

What do you wish people knew about working at Pall?


Pall has a great team of smart people who are really down to earth. As a remote worker, I was concerned that it would be hard to connect and build genuine relationships with the teams that I support.  I quickly learned that team members both in my region and globally were friendly, easy to talk to and extremely helpful. I also find leadership to be very approachable.


Are you involved with any associate resource groups (ARGs) here? If so, which ones and what’s your favorite part of being involved?


I am involved with the Woman and Friends, Black and Friends, LatinX and Friends and Asian and Friends ARGs. I enjoy participating in the workshops and webinars run by our ARGs and learning more about the Danaher culture through various Danaher Operating Companies.


What does the 2024 International Women’s Day slogan, #InspireInclusion, mean to you and your work life?


The 2024 International Woman’s Day slogan #InspireInclusion is important to me because it speaks to the journey of my career and how I hope to see inclusivity continue to evolve in the future. I spent most of my career in Operations Leadership roles, where I was the only female on various teams. While I value the opportunities that I have had to lead, express ideas, and challenge processes, it is not without fear of judgment or unconscious bias.  Despite this, I know that my unique background and experiences are important to the success of the teams that I support, and staying engaged even when it’s uncomfortable will continue to foster an inclusive environment.


Based on your own experience, what advice would you give to women considering pursuing a career in your field?


Embrace change, stay adaptable, and welcome learning. Despite challenges, the rewards gained from overcoming obstacles -whether implementing new systems, leading teams, or learning a new business- far outweigh the discomfort. Building resilience through these experiences will give you the confidence to embrace future opportunities.


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