PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., March 1, 2019 – Pall Corporation, the global leader of advanced filtration, separation and purification technologies, has completed certification of Boeing 737, 757 and 777 versions of its microbial and odor-removing Advanced Cabin Air Filter (A-CAF). These versions are now available for sale through the Pall Aerospace business unit’s exclusive global distribution partner, Satair. They complement Pall’s existing A-CAF filters for the A320 family, as well as the A330/A340.


“Pall partnered closely with the Aerospace industry to develop these new filter options for Boeing aircraft” explained Steve Simpson, Marketing Director, Pall Aerospace. “Our previous success introducing similar filters for the Airbus A330 and A320 resulted in further demand for A-CAF across the spectrum of commercial aircraft platforms.”


Pall’s A-CAF combines a HEPA particulate filter designed to remove microbial contaminants with a bespoke odor and volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction technology. This is the first product available to address odors and VOCs for cabin air in these Boeing platforms. Pall’s A-CAF utilizes the latest version of their bespoke adsorbent technology, which is specifically formulated to remove unpleasant smells and undesired substances found in aircraft cabin air that can be a nuisance to passengers and, therefore, result in costly operational interruptions.

A-CAF technology can also help mitigate fumes that enter the cabin from the bleed air that can be of concern for aircraft passengers and crew. Smells are removed three to four times faster than without the A-CAF filters and Pall’s bespoke technology provides 30 percent better cabin air quality and odor reducing performance that lasts more than five times longer than filters that use standard activated carbon.


“Pall has supplied cabin air filters to the commercial airline industry for nearly 40 years and we lead the industry in technologies that advance cabin air quality. The first company to introduce HEPA rated filters to the aircraft market, we leveraged our pedigree and expertise in innovative odor reduction technology to bring new solutions that can improve comfort and safety for passengers and crew,” explained Roberto Gregori, Pall Aerospace General Manager and Vice President.


The newly certified A-CAF for 737, 757 and 777 are all approved via FAA-PMA as direct fit replacements for the existing HEPA filters with no modifications required to the aircraft.    


Pall Aerospace will continue to expand its A-CAF product line. A-CAF airline adopters are eagerly anticipating the launch of the Pall PUREcabin Clean Air Technology (CAT) fresh air filtration system and Cabin Air Quality Sensor. These products will further improve cabin air quality and will enable aircraft maintenance personnel to quickly diagnose and fix maintenance issues that create cabin air odors. 


To learn more about Pall Aerospace technology solutions, please visit: https://www.pall.co.in/en/aerospace.html or email us at pureair@pall.com.  Aerospace on Twitter: @pallaerospace


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