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Carbo™ Filter Elements Handle Precoat Filtration in Chlor-Alkali Process

PORT WASHINGTON, NY, April 22, 2015 – A large chemical producer in Abu Dhabi is relying on Pall technology for brine filtration. Pall Carbo™ filter elements were installed in a new plant to handle precoat filtration in the chlor-alkali process.
Pall worked closely with the engineering firm to design the solution. Leveraging past experience with the firm, Pall was able to offer flexible options to support their design efforts, and tailor the company’s filtration technology to meet the plant’s specific requirements.
The chlor-alkali process is an industrial process for the electrolysis of sodium chloride. It is the technology used to produce chlorine and caustic soda, two of the most widely used chemicals in the world. Chlorine and caustic soda are produced by the electrolysis of aqueous solutions of alkali metal salts. This process requires the removal of dissolved contaminants from the brine solution prior to the electrolytic process.
Precoat filtration requires a filter aid that coats the element. During this process, the filter aid and the filtered solids form a “cake” which works as a strainer to collect much finer contaminants. The filter aids used in precoat filtration have an affinity for the rough Carbo element surface, making the filters ideal for use in these applications. Carbo filter elements also feature excellent resistance against salt solutions.
“Pall is an innovator in brine filtration and has been a leader in this type of filtration for decades,” said Mitch Summerfield, President, Pall Process Systems. “Carbo elements have a longer life span and are proven to be much more durable than competitive technologies. We’re very pleased that this new plant chose Pall technology to handle this critical process.”
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