Filtration for Data Storage Manufacturing


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As traditional data storage requirements move from 500 GB/platter technology to 1TB/platter technology, the data storage industry is moving from PMR (Perpendicular Media Recording) to HAMR (Heat Assisted Media Recording) and BPM (Bit Patterned Media).


These new platforms will most likely necessitate significant reductions in key areas such as glide height (height difference between the recording head and recording media) and flying height. Finer filtration ratings will then be required for such applications as nickel plating, substrate /media cleaning and lube coating.


The new tools and processes being developed for the 1 TB/platter technology will be even more reliant on contamination control. We are ideally suited to meet these future needs with our advanced membrane and purification technologies.

Data Storage Applications

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Maximing data storage yields and enable world class equipment performance. In order to maximize product quality, effective filtration technology is vital.


Newer data storage technologies like HAMR (Heat Assisted Media Recording) and BPM (Bit Patterned Media) are pushing manufacturing precision requirements to higher and higher levels. Contaminants in data storage manufacturing processes cause a major headache and concern as product quality can rapidly degrade critical glide surfaces and cause defects on integral surfaces. Removing molecular level particles from process streams is critical.


Our passion for purity and protection is undeniable with industry proven applications and results.  To create the surface required for the new larger capacity storage media, critical steps need to be free from contamination or defects will propagate the disk. Substrate cleaning and preparation, and media cleaning are crucial in order to successfully remove contaminants that have entered the surface. Pall Filter technologies allow for sterile etch and cleaning chemicals in order to properly clean and remove outside contaminants on the disks surfaces.


We have the filter solutions for filtration of CMP slurries, ultrapure water and cleaning chemicals used in plating applications. Whether for the initial zinc plating process or the final nickel plating, we have membrane filtration options that remove contaminants to the levels data manufacturers highly desire. Made in a cleanroom, all Pall Filters have very low extractables and ultra-low TOC. Pall Data Storage Filters maximize the performance of critical processes by eliminating contaminants and reducing catastrophic defects. Contact us to let a Pall expert show you how to optimize your data storage processes to maximize your sites yield and performance.

Our passion for purity and protection is undeniable with industry proven applications and results.

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