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Power Process Gas Filtration for Semiconductors

UHP Process Gas Filters are engineered to eliminate common problems that arise from traditional process gas filtering, such as the filter's potential for outgassing harmful impurities and for particle shedding. Pall’s superior filters utilize industry-leading metal fiber technology that allows for rapid gas displacement and molecular transparency during routine maintenance and system upsets. O-ringless Gaskleen® IV and V PTFE membrane eliminate o-ring deformation and filter by-pass, which is caused by incompatibility with standard o-rings when used in critical ammonia (NH3) and ozone (O3) applications.




  • Bulk distribution systems
  • Point-of-use (POU)




  • Reduction in gas related defects
  • Custom media tailored to filter a variety of gases
  • Industry leading filter quality
  • Reduction in outgassing and particle impurities


Pall process gas filtration systems eliminate particle contaminants in crucial semiconductor UHP gas streams. Contact a Pall expert and learn more about maximizing site performance by eliminating defects and increasing yields. 

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