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Refinery Final Products

Ensure your final products reliably meet your daily production quotas and quality standards.

Final Products

Process Description

The major products of oil refining are: LPG, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, and kerosene—a blend of several different streams produced by the various refinery processes to meet final specifications. These products are then stored in a tank farm on the refinery premises before being delivered to retail markets. Delivery may be via pipeline to area distribution terminals, or loaded onto tanker trucks for direct delivery to retail outlets.


Prior to leaving the site, the products are usually filtered and coalesced to remove solid contaminants and suspended water. Contaminants, such as rust and pipe scale can foul and erode distribution equipment (e.g. pumps, nozzles, flow meters) as well as end users’ equipment (e.g. engines, boilers). Water can also cause engine maintenance problems. Water in fuels often extracts highly corrosive sulfur compounds and chlorides exacerbating corrosion and plugging in engine injection systems or the engine itself.


Refinery Needs


  • Achieve oil production quotas by meeting product quality particulate and water specs
  • Achieve product specs without the need for expensive reprocessing
  • Protection against corrosion and contamination of product transfer equipment
  • Protection of end users’ equipment against corrosion and plugging


Production Challenge / Pall Solution




Meet particulate specifications for final products



Improve refinery productivity and ensure product specification by removal of particulates formed in storage equipment upstream of the distribution points.


  • A range of absolute and nominal rated filter elements is available to reduce suspended solids to <5 ppmw, and reduce fouling and erosion of distribution equipment as well as end users’ equipment.





Guard against hazy final products leading to corrosion and plugging of end users’ equipment



Reduce corrosive nature of products by removing suspended water upstream of the distribution points.


  • High efficiency AquaSep® XS liquid/liquid coalescers reliably meet ‘clear and bright’ product specification and 15 ppmw downstream per Aqua-Glo1 measurement, offering excellent end user equipment protection from corrosion and plugging.




Key Application/Filter Recommendations (other applications not shown)




Prefiltration prior to liquid/liquid coalescer

Customer Benefits


Low operating costs by extending L/L coalescer life


Free water removal from fuels for shipment


Reduced salt costs when downstream salt dryers are used


Elimination of interruptions and changeout costs due to replacement of disarmed coalescers


Low cost per gallon treated 


Downstream of salt, desiccant or clay treatment


Freedom from off-spec shipments due to high solids levels



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