Benefits of Turbine Lubrication Filters

Turbine Lubrication Filters – Early Mechanical Failure Prevention

Pall turbine lubrication filters remove mechanically destructive contaminants that decrease turbine efficiency and lead to early wear and corrosion of critical mechanical components. 


Maximizing Hydroelectric Turbine Performance and Reliability


Our steam turbine lubrication system filters capture contaminants that damage critical components by bridging dynamic component clearances. Turbine lube systems are especially affected by decreased lubrication effectiveness due to the presence of particulates in the oil. Our effective filtering solutions offer protection of the turbine's bearings and shafts when operating at high temperatures and pressures by decreasing harmful contaminants that can lead to catastrophic and costly events. Our steam turbine lubrication system filters prevent mechanical wear that will eventually lead to failure resulting in unplanned downtime and unnecessary maintenance costs. Our full range of lubrication filters helps provide the most viable protection against mechanical wear in the most crucial parts of steam plants.



Proven Benefits using Pall turbine lubrication filters:


  • Increased oil life and extended oil change frequency
  • Prolonged bearing and shaft life
  • Lower maintenance and consumable costs
  • Reduction in unplanned downtime and unforeseen events
  • Minimized PM events and extended PM schedules


With Pall's industry leading turbine filtering systems, drive your plant to its highest achievable efficiency. For more information on how a Pall filtering system can help decrease your operating costs and to what systems they can be installed, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert on how your system can be improved today.

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