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June 2018
Problems with Phosphate Ester Fluid Darkening? Learn How to Prevent It

Power Generation | Pall Corporation webinar series

Having previously discussed the incidence of electrostatic discharge and the formation of varnish in turbine lube systems in a prior webinar, we now turn our attention to a similar problem experienced in steam turbine electrohydraulic control systems (EHC), impacting the quality of phosphate ester fluids and ultimately the reliability of your steam turbine control system.


Join our webinar on June 20, 2018, 11:00 AM EST and learn how to prevent deposit formation.


What we will cover:


Phosphate ester fluids used in steam turbine electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems are known to experience darkening and tendency to form deposits. There are several possible pathways for this type of fluid degradation, including oxidation, hydrolysis, micro-dieseling and chemical reaction with acid scavenging adsorbent media.


Membrane Patch Colorimetric (MPC) analysis is a good method to quantify the levels of fluid insoluble materials in the fluid. An engineered adsorbent media has shown promise in the removal of the material that is responsible for the fluid darkening and the potential for further deposit formation in EHC systems.


This presentation will discuss details of the root causes of the problem and it’s how to prevent or remove its impact.