The following disposal instructions provide guidance on disposal and recycling of the component parts within our products on completion of their service life.


The instructions:


- Identify types of material in the construction and provide disposition guidance

- Offer separate instructions for disposal of electrical or electronic components, batteries, motors and other components in accordance with applicable local legislation and regulatory requirements, including those of European Directive 2012/19/EU (related to waste electrical and electronic equipment).


The documents listed below cover the majority of Pall Aerospace products. If these documents do not cover your specific Pall product, please contact your local Pall representative who will advise in conjunction with our technical department.

Pall® Aerospace Fluid Filter Assemblies or Manifolds

Pall® Aerospace Filter Element / Last Chance Filter

Pall® Aerospace Disposable Air Filter Elements

Pall® Aerospace PUREair Barrier Filter Element

Pall® Aerospace Air Filter Housings

Pall® Aerospace Halon Filter Assemblies or Manifolds

Pall® Aerospace Single Vortex Tube

Pall® Aerospace Vortex Systems Panel Assembly