PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., October 31, 2017 – Pall Aerospace has completed certification of a Boeing 737 version of their Advanced Cabin Air Filter (A-CAF), and TUI fly will be the launch customer.


Pall’s ACAF combines a HEPA particulate filter designed to remove microbial contaminants with a bespoke odor and volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction technology. This is the first product available to address odors and VOCs in B737 cabin air and it utilizes the latest version of Pall’s bespoke adsorbent technology which is specifically formulated to remove unpleasant smells and undesired substances found in aircraft cabin air that can be a nuisance to passengers and therefore result in costly operational interruptions.    


Cesar Holzem, Senior Manger Flight Deck TUI fly stated, “We evaluated the Pall technology and found it to be far superior to other technologies that use standard carbon impregnated media. This implementation will help us improve cabin air quality for our passengers and will reduce operating costs.”


Pall Aerospace has been supplying cabin air filters for the commercial airline industry for nearly 40 years and has been an industry leader in advancing cabin air quality. Pall was the first company to introduce HEPA rated filters to the aircraft market. Pall is leveraging that pedigree and new innovative technology to bring new solutions that can improve comfort and safety for crew and passengers alike.


“Among the major aircraft platforms we are working on A-CAF solutions for, the 737 application is the most challenging due to the constraints imposed by the current filter’s footprint and airflow. Key to providing an acceptable solution for implementation is striking the right balance between the HEPA filter and adsorbent material to maximize overall life and capacity to adsorb contaminants.” Noted Chris Savage, Vice President of Technology for Pall Aerospace “TUI fly was instrumental in giving us key insights about the needed performance which we incorporated into the final design.” 


Pall Aerospace is developing other A-CAF products both with OEMs and directly to airlines as aftermarket solutions. Pall has existing products for the Boeing 757 and the Airbus A320 & A330/40 and is further leveraging the technology into new products for nearly every other active aircraft including the Airbus A380, Boeing 767 & 777.

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