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Advanced Filtration Solutions for Nylon 6 Fiber Production

Pall Corporation offers a wide range of products to suit the nylon 6 production process that dramatically increases product quality while minimizing costly downtime and waste.


As the global leader in high-tech filtration solutions, Pall had developed advanced filtration technology for the nylon 6 production process that effectively removes contaminants with continuous operation.


Pall Caprolactam Filtration Solution


Our complete and balanced filtration approach starts with the filtering of the caprolactam feed.  It is crucial the caprolactam feed is rid of all impurities to avoid contaminating the rest of the nylon production process and negatively impacting end fiber quality. Effective caprolactam filtration is often a multi-stage process for which Pall offers a wide-ranging variety of filters with the both polymeric and metallic filter medium. Our metal filters with PSS sintered powder and Dynalloy sintered fiber type medium feature robust construction with a high efficiency and high degree of cleanability. The Pall Profile II filters and Nexis filters with proprietary CoLD (Co-located Large Diameter) Melt fiber technology are designed to effectively remove oversized particles for premium slurry consistency. 


Pall Nylon Pre-Polymer and Melt Polymer Filtration Solutions


Effective and reliable filtration of the pre-polymer and melt polymer production stages is essential to removing contamination that can cause frequent spin breaks as well as significantly degrade fiber quality and strength. Using Continuous Polymer Filtration (CPF) with patented diverter valves, the Pall pre-polymer and melt polymer filtration systems operate continuously with no pressure spikes during filter changeover. Featuring Ultipleat polymer candles and customized sintered metal fiber with tapered pore, high tortuosity structure, gel and particulate capture are maximized with minimal pressure drop. The result is an optimized filtration system that effectively removes contaminants while operating continuously for enhanced product quality with reduced operating costs and downtime.


Our balanced filtration approach of filtering raw materials and additives reduces the workload on the melt filters. This approach, in combination with the industry leading filtration technology, truly optimizes the entire polymer production process. With Pall’s filtration systems & elements, nylon 6 quality and consistency are enhanced while operational downtime and costly maintenance operations are dramatically reduced.


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Our superior portable filtration solutions allow for high-efficiency offline filtration of lubrication fluids in industrial manufacturing applications.


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