Polyethylene Production Process

In gas phase processes for the production of products such as polyethylene and polypropylene resin particles can grow and contaminate production. Pall Dynalloy® filters are specifically designed to optimize particulate capture to keep production clean.


There are several applications for porous metal, glass or ceramic blowback filters in gas phase processes for the production of polyethylene and polypropylene. Blowback filters improve the recovery of polymer powder from the product discharge tanks and various gas vents in the process. In these processes, the polyethylene is formed in a fluid bed reactor. Once the resin particles have grown to a certain size, they are released to a discharge tank. Blowback filters are used to recover the powder from the tank vents. This operation step allows particle-free gas (mostly unconverted monomer) to be recycled back to the reactor. In subsequent handling steps, there are lower pressure vents which can also be fed to a blowback system. This maximizes product yield and reduces atmospheric emissions to a minimum.


Pall Dynalloy® blowback filters are the ideal solution for product recovery and catalyst preparation steps. Pall Dynalloy® porous metal fiber medium is specifically designed to optimize particulate capture via its asymmetrical graded pore structure. This structure uses the finest pores on the upstream side of the filter media, insuring the capture of particulates at the filters’ first surface, where they are easily removed by in-situ, reverse flow operations. With Pall Dynalloy® filters, minimal atmospheric emotions and maximum product yield are ensured. 


Pall Corporation is the only filtration company that is wholly vertically integrated, meaning each filter’s own microscopic fibers and proprietary media as well as filter cartridges and filter systems are made in-house. The Dynalloy® blowback filter manufacturing process concludes with Pall's scientifically controlled sintering process, which fuses the structure of the filter media, insuring a “weld-bond” which utilizes no “binders” that might otherwise shed and contaminate downstream equipment and/or final product quality. Produced from fine metal fibers ranging from 2 to 38 μm in diameter, the resulting filtration medium exhibits high-efficiency particulate capture and low flow resistance characteristics. In addition, Pall provides installation and ongoing services. All of this ensures the highest quality filters to ensure the highest quality polymer production.


Pall Dynalloy® blowback filters are the ideal solution for product recovery and catalyst preparation steps in the Polyolefin Polypropylene Producers Industry. For more information on how this system works and can be installed, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert. 

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