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Process Water Filtration Solutions for Industrial Applications

It is important that process fluids are kept pure. A variety of contaminants can reduce yield, product quality, and reaction rates, and foul and erode equipment. However, separating higher solids and medium to coarse emulsions in process water can be difficult depending on the physical properties of the contaminants. The inability to efficiently separate solids and medium to coarse emulsions in process water can be very costly to industries. Contamination can cause final products to be off-specification, corrosion of downstream storage facilities and increased costs for wastewater treatment.


Pall Filter Products for Process Fluid Systems in Industrial Process Water Filtration


Melt Blown Housings and Elements


Recognizing that different applications have different contamination loading and debris profiles, Pall offers a broad range of melt-blown filter products to meet varying process requirements in lubrication, coolant, and other process applications. Pall’s family of melt-blown filter elements are made using continuously extruded fine fibers to form a highly porous, high strength filter matrix with superior on-stream service life, low pressure drops, and consistent contamination removal performance – exactly what is needed in process water filtration.


Bag Filter Housings and Elements


For high dirt ingression applications in industrial process water treatment, our full bag filters offer a wide range of felt materials and micron ratings. Pall bag filters and housings are designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for applications using vessel or open filtration systems. Our extended life filter bags provide superior filtration of all sized particles, as well as up to twice the dirt holding capacity of a standard filter bag. Our no-bypass welded seams eliminate the possibility of a fluid bypass through needle holes.


Pall Marksman™ Filters


Pall Marksman Series filters are built to enhance industrial process water filtration. Combine the performance advantages of cartridge filters with the ease-of use of bag filter systems. It's inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures that the unwanted particles are trapped within the element. This significantly reduces the possibility of contaminating the clean, downstream side of the filter housing during element change-out. The high surface area and resulting long service life translates into fewer cartridge change-outs and lower disposal costs. One Marksman filter offers the equivalent filter life and filtration performance of 10 standard bag filters, thus delivering additional savings on filter purchases for process water filtration.


Pall Liquid/Liquid Coalescers


High-performance. Cost-effective.


Pall liquid/liquid coalescers efficiently separate higher solids and medium to coarse emulsions in industrial process water filtration. Due to the ability of each coalescer element to process a higher flow in a higher solids environment while still providing superior effluent quality, coalescer systems are cost-effective way to separate higher solids and medium to coarse emulsions. The hydrophobic separator prevents the aqueous phase from entering the separator, and its design creates a higher, more consistent flow and fluid quality. In addition, Pall coalescers provide superior continuous removal of liquid contaminants and have long service life for fewer changeouts, thereby reducing maintenance and waste disposal costs in industrial process water treatment.


The coalescers are constructed of a high-efficiency coarse grade, non-disarming (no surfactants) polymeric medium, making it well suited as performance upgrades to existing cartridge or mesh pack coalescers, sand beds and ESPs, and/or general oil/water separation needs across upstream, midstream and downstream processes water filtration.


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