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Lube and Hydraulics

Built-in system contamination can contribute to premature equipment failure. Because highly engineered process solutions protect people and critical assets, mobile manufacturers of all types rely on premium filters to produce safe, high-quality products and prolong the life of expensive equipment. That’s why hydraulic lubrication is so important.  To achieve guaranteed after-market revenue stream, reduced warranty costs, fewer field service demands, reduced risk of catastrophic failure on start-up and leaner inventory levels, incorporate VersalonTM premium mobile equipment filters into your operation.


A Commitment to Performance


Versalon filters ensure original equipment manufacturers achieve long-term equipment reliability and performance, environmental protection and reduced cost of ownership. With a commitment to early design feasibility and performance evaluation in both the laboratory and in the field, we support OEM hydraulics with our solutions. We also care for our customers and operate in full compliance with mobile equipment manufacturers.


VersalonTM filters are globally available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and backed by Pall quality, logistics, and global technical engineering support. Built to fit multiple applications with multiple fluid types simplifying the OEM purchasing process, Versalon filters are a superior solution. Our global footprint gives an OEM variable quantity option to fit into their new and aftermarket manufacturing scheduling worldwide.

Flexible by design

Built-in component contamination filtration

Versalon filters offer built-in component contamination filtration to prevent premature wear and warranty recalls. Flexible design in multiple sizes features common pipe fittings to fit a variety of equipment designs and applications and Versalon filters are capable of handling a wide range of fluids. Optional mechanical and electrical differential pressure indicators warn of filter blockage before bypass is employed.


High performance Versalon filters can be supplied to OEM-specific branding requirements in painted or unpainted finishes, and feature easy to use filtration housings with a ‘clip-cap’ mechanism ensuring a tight fit and seal. Strong filter elements use bonded glass providing a bx(c)≥1000 (ISO 16889) rating at 7, 12,19 and 22 µm, for consistent system fluid cleanliness, optimized flow path for low pressure drop (dP), lower energy operation and long filter element service life.


For more information on our lubrication and hydraulics solutions and  how VersalonTM filters can fit into your equipment design and production, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.   

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