Improved quality control

Process Fluid Filtration

Automotive and precision machinery companies manufacture products with high tolerance and quality. Not achieving such standard could mean costly rework or premature failure of their products. To achieve high quality, they require their equipment suppliers to provide machines that will help eliminate contamination caused by defects.


It's all about keeping clean


Pall Marksman™ Series filters combine the performance advantages of cartridge filters with the ease-of-use of bag filter systems. Its inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures that the unwanted particles are trapped within the element. This significantly reduces the possibility of contaminating the clean, downstream side of the filter housing during element change-out. The high surface area and resulting long service life translates into fewer cartridge change-outs and lower disposal costs. One Marksman filter offers the equivalent filter life and filtration performance of 10 standard bag filters, thus delivering additional savings on filter purchases.



Check out how one automotive OEM supplier achieved a significant 10-fold increase in filter performance.



Pall Marksman™ filters providing superior filtration performance to ensure manufacturers meet high quality levels