Athalon Trade-Up Program

We invite you to replace any existing non-Pall oil filter housings in use at your site and replace them with our new Pall Athalon™ filters at no purchase cost to you. Plus, we will collect and dispose of the changed-out filter housings.

Replace Your Existing Hydraulic or Lube Filter Housing With a FREE Pall Athalon Filter






We are so confident we can improve your fluid system cleanliness, help reduce your overall operating costs and minimize your safety risks, that we invite you to replace any existing oil filter housings in use at your site with our new Pall Athalon filters at no purchase cost to you.


Switching to Athalon® is easy…and for a limited period*, it’s FREE!


  • Installation and servicing is quick and simple across a wide range of lube and hydraulic applications.


Key Features of Athalon Filters


  • Easy cover service
  • Cleaner fluids
  • Beta ≥ 2000 filter performance
  • Long service life
  • Common spares



Athalon Filter Technology



Rated Beta > 2000, the highest in industry, Athalon filter elements incorporate Pall Corporation’s advanced filter medium pack construction that benefits from Stress-Resistant filter medium Technology (SRT) along with other material upgrades. This unique design delivers consistently clean fluid over the life of the filter. In addition, laid over pleat construction allows Athalon filters to also provide long service life and low clean pressure drop for low cost of ownership.


Athalon filters help you:


  • Maximize uptime
  • Decrease maintenance costs
  • Improve equipment reliability
  • Decrease operating costs


Athalon filter technology includes media manufactured using specially blended layers of fiberglass optimized in a epoxy resin bonded, tapered pore structure that includes a uniform pore size control layer for high dirt capacity, low flow resistance, and consistent particle control performance.


Replace your filter housing for free. Need assistance? Our sales specialists can help you select the correct Athalon filter housing. In addition, our technical support team is available to assist with more complex application queries. 



Learn how Athalon Filters improve fluid cleanliness.




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