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Gear Oil Filtration Solutions for Mining Equipment Gearboxes

Specialized equipment used for mining, such as draglines, use mining gearboxes that must be carefully maintained to ensure safe and proper performance. Paramount to a gearbox health is an effective oil filtration system. Our advanced oil filtration systems are engineered to filter oil with superior efficiency to reduce maintenance downtime and costs while extending the life of capital equipment.


Pall’s Oil Filtration Solutions


Pall’s high-tech filtration solutions enable optimal operational performance.

TheAthalon UR319 skid system with 7-micron filter element has been specifically engineered for dragline applications.


Proven to efficiently filter oil to a consistent ISO 14/12 cleanliness standard, the Athalon 

filter thoroughly eliminates oil contaminants, preventing malfunctions in gearbox performance.


Superior filtration of mining gearboxes solution


This superior filtration solution doubles the life of gearboxes from an average of five years to over ten, reducing the need for further capital investments. Utilizing enhanced contaminant capacity and top-notch mining equipment filtration technology, the stabilized filter element has a life in excess of three months, which reduces the frequency of costly downtime due to scheduled maintenance.


Our premium gear oil filtration solutions reliably filter to ISO cleanliness standards with reduced scheduled changeouts to streamline mining operations and extend the service life of capital equipment. Reach our team of filtration experts and learn more about our advanced filtration solutions.    

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