Designed for use in existing Pall Lube & Hydraulic filter applications, Pall’s Supralon filter elements combine the best features of Pall Supralon® and Ultipor® elements, making it easy for customers to have access to the best product for any application’s requirement.


The high efficiency and consistent performance of Supralon long life filter elements enable customers to rapidly achieve and maintain required cleanliness levels that protect lube and hydraulic systems against component failure and unscheduled downtime that can cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

Anti-static construction


βX(C)≥ 2000


Stress Resistant Technology


  • Direct replacement for existing Supralon and Ultipor III filter elements (HC… part numbers)

  • Superior CST filter ratings (SAE ARP4205)

  • Advanced filter pack design

  • Standard anti-static design

  • Available in a wide range of sizes, ratings and core configurations to fit existing Pall Ultipor and some alternative makes of filter housing

The media pack is pleated and the pleat height and count are optimized to maximize the filtration surface area

Tapered Pore Structure


The highly porous, tapered pore structure enables the coarser upstream surface to act as a prefilter capturing larger particles while allowing finer downstream pores to trap smaller particles

Filter Structure Upstream

Filter Structure Downstream

Cleanliness Code Ratings
Media grade code

Rating (μm) ßx(c)>2000

based on ISO 16889

CST based on

SAE ARP 4205

Z 3 06/04/<1
P 5 12/08/<1
N 7 14/09/04
S 12 18/16/08
T 25 19/17/12
Nominal filter length ranging from 4 to 39 inches
Seal material, fluorocarbon - other materials available upon application

Fast System Clean-up To Achieve Desired Fluid Cleanliness Levels

Supralon filters provide

2X better particle removal efficiency compared to ßx(c)≥1000 rated filters 

10X better efficiency than common ßx(c)≥200 rated filters

Significantly fewer passes required to reach target cleanliness level

Reduces equipment maintenance and unscheduled downtime costs

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Pall Supralon Benefits

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