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Service Plans designed to meet your needs, from budgeting for maintenance to benefiting from full coverage to maintain your equipment without unforeseen expenses and administrative burden. Pall has a solution for you.







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Instruments Service Plans

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Recommended service level


The Preventive Plan


The Pall Preventive Plan is a proactive approach to prevent instrument failure, reduce unscheduled downtime and enable you to perform your daily workflow with confidence. The scheduled maintenance includes inspection and cleaning, together with any adjustments needed to maintain the system performance. Any minor problems identified are investigated and resolved, ensuring reliability and safeguarding your instrument’s performance.


The Advantage Plan


Extended service coverage for extended product lifetime. Our Advantage Plan is an extended service coverage based on your risk assessment and budget. In addition to an annual preventive maintenance visit, the plan covers labor and travel costs for repair and heightens cost control for your equipment due to unforeseen issues.


The Optimizer Plan


Our Optimizer Plan is an all-inclusive package including an annual preventive maintenance/calibration visit, labor, travel and spare part costs to forge maximum uptime, highest productivity and total peace-of-mind allowing you to focus on your core competencies and let us take care of your critical assets. The plan allows you to experience our worry-free contract support, including predictable ownership costs, simplified budget planning and priority scheduling.


Palltronic Service Plans

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The Protective Plus Plan


Calibration and preventive maintenance in one solution. This three-year plan provides all the benefits in the Protective Plan as well as one scheduled preventive maintenance visit within three years for peak performance and a prolonged life for your equipment. Additionally, your service cost is locked for three years avoiding annual price changes and mitigating the cost impact when factory recommended preventive maintenance is due at the end of the 3-year cycle.*


The Optimizer Plus Plan


All-inclusive coverage to optimize your investment. This comprehensive three-year plan combines the benefits of the Optimizer Plan with one scheduled preventive maintenance visit within three years to achieve true and total peace of mind. The plan enables you to avoid annual price changes as it allows you to judiciously invest now to anchor service costs for 3 years, in addition to mitigating the cost impact when factory recommended preventive maintenance is due at the end of the 3-year cycle.*

Why Get an Optimizer Service Plan for your instrument?

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Pall service plans are designed to resolve your issues as quickly as possible. The optimizer specifically reduces process and administrative burden, to allow us to meet your equipment needs as quickly as possible.


Other Services

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Accelerator℠ Process Development Services


Your Biotech journey, your choice - optimized through our Process Development Services. Once your new process is up and running, we will continue to support you with ongoing training as required, regular servicing of equipment and assurance of supply for all your process consumables.



Accelerator℠ Validation Services


Technical, regulatory and scientific consultancy to support process qualification and validation.



Accelerator℠ Documentation Center


Looking for Batch Certificates, Quality Documents or Validation Guides?



Accelerator℠ Virtual Reality Center


The Accelerator Virtual Reality (VR) Training Center is another critical element in our blended training approach that complements classroom training, hands-on training, and e-training.