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Protect Against Damaging Impurities With Premium Purification Solutions

LCD manufacturing is a multi-step process that includes integration of a color filter consisting of several groups of red, green, and blue pixels. The color filter process distributes these color pixels on a thin glass substrate that, when backlit, produces the colorful images viewed on the screen. But any impurities or particulates found on the surface of the color filter can yield non-uniformity and compromise image quality.


PhotoKleen™ EZD and DFA™ EZ filter provide effective and reliable protection against damaging contaminants that threaten the color filter surface. The modules rely on a compact filter capsule assembly consisting of a polypropylene head manifold interface and a stainless steel ring nut. This innovative assembly design along with quick, single step filter capsule change-out minimizes production downtime and operator exposure to solvents.


The PhotoKleen™ EZD is available in two polypropylene filter media types, HDC® II and Profile® Star, to optimize filtration performance. The filter has a removal ratings of 1.5 – 4.5 μm, and offers long life in high viscosity fluids with high solids and provide superior removal of oversize particles, trapped gas, and soft contaminants.


The PhotoKleen™ DFA™ EZ provides exceptional protection against contaminants and contains our Profile® Star polypropylene filter media along with a removal rating of 1.5 - 5 μm.


PhotoKleen™ EZD and DFA™ EZ filter housings with Profile® Star and HDC® II elements provide exceptional protection for LCD color filters in a compact assembly. For more information contact a Pall expert today.     

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