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Flat panel display producers are constantly challenged to make evermore cost effective displays. Manufacturers of TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) displays, which comprise over 80% of the global flat panel market, must keep introducing new fabrication technologies to achieve the demand for increased pixel resolution.  In order to meet these challenges, for GEN 8 Fabs and beyond, contamination control of the liquids and gases used during manufacturing is vital.


Whatever the application or requirement, we have the technology and expertise to enable the display manufacturer to reduce defects, minimize downtime, improve display quality and increase profitability.


The areal density in the data storage industry has increased to such a degree that contamination control has become extremely critical. Selection of the proper filter technology is of paramount importance to maximize yield, while keeping the cost per disk at the lowest possible level. We have the filtration technology, manufacturing experience and process knowledge to meet these requirements.

Display Applications

Eliminating impurities.


Advanced Display Cleaning Systems Offer High Flow and Particle Removal


Pall Ultipleat® G2 SP DR filters are designed specifically for high flow and improved particle removal in critical surface preparation chemical baths such as HF and BOE. The SP DR filter has a highly asymmetrical membrane construction, developed using Pall’s proprietary membrane modeling technology (MMT), resulting in pore size distribution uniformly transitioning from microporous to nanoporous throughout its depth. As a result, these filters retain particles down to 2 nanometers without flow restrictions.


Pall Ultipleat® G2 SP DR KC assemblies are completely disposable filter units ideally suited for etchant, low temperature stripping chemicals, and DI water filtration. These high-quality filters allow for MMT-enhanced dual retention of particles, superior HF filtration, and higher flow rates and longer life. The hyperfine microporous membrane matrix creates a high surface energy membrane for minimized microbubble formation. Users will also be able to prevent process contamination by using KC disposable assemblies.


Pall Display Clean Systems eradicate defect-causing contaminants from crucial cleaning systems. For more information, check out our microelectronics filters or contact a Pall expert, today.

Pall provides filtration technology solutions for microelectronics display production. 

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