PORT WASHINGTON, NY, July 15, 2015 – Pall Corporation today introduced the Ultipor N66 filter cartridge and disposable filter assembly (DFA) for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes.  The cartridge was announced at SEMICON West in San Francisco. 
The Ultipor® N66 filter was developed to meet the stringent defectivity requirements of today’s sub-14 nm processes.  Manufactured in a clean room, the filter provides finer retention, lower differential pressure, and greater cleanliness than the melt-blown filters typically used in CMP filtration applications.
“Ultipor N66 filters have been shown to provide greater than 30% reduction in CMP-related defects when compared with competitive melt-blown products,” said Steve Chisolm, President, Pall Microelectronics.  “The filters also extract greater than 80 percent less trace metals than typical CMP melt-blown filters.  The controlled fine pore structure of the filter is uniquely adapted to address the increasingly fine slurry classification requirements of front end of line CMP processes.”
To learn more about the Ultipor N66 filter and other Pall Microelectronics technology solutions, please visit: http://www.pall.com. 
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