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Contamination Control in Amine Gas Treating and Carbon Capture Processes​


Duration: 1 Hour


CO2 capture and underground storage is an area of high interest given the drive for carbon capture and the implications of global warming.  The use of alkanol amines for the separation of CO2 from natural gas is a proven method in the Oil & Gas market and the need for the control of contamination in these processes is important to ensure optimal operations. Similarly, in oil production operations the protection of injection wells is critical to avoid reservoir fouling, and the same need exists in CO2 storage. ​

During this webinar, we will present a comprehensive overview of the separation equipment utilized in the amine process and CO2 injection, including a detailed examination of the technology's functionalities and applications within the process flow. Case histories will be presented showing the benefits of installing high efficiency separation equipment in amine processes and CO2 injection to underground reservoirs.​


Join our distinguished panel of experts in filtration and separation for a Question and Answer session.​


  • Lara Heberle - Ph.D., Manager, Technology Development, Carbon Capture​

  • Surasak Pothichanprasert - Market Manager SEA, O&G & Petrochemicals​

  • Jim Colvin - Business Development Americas, Oil & Gas​

  • John Wallin -EMEA EPC Sales Director​


Tom Wines

Director, Applications Development

Pall Corporation


Thomas (Tom) H. Wines has over 34 years of filtration, separation, and purification experience serving the refinery, gas processing, and chemical industries, and is a specialist in the fields of liquid/gas and liquid/liquid coalescing. He has authored 55 technical publications, one technical book, “Contamination Control in the Natural Gas Industry”, Elsevier, 2022, and given numerous presentations in this field at professional societies. He has been actively involved in the development of leading edge product and application solutions to improve plant and process performance, reliability, safety and environmental protection within these markets. Tom holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, and is a member of AIChE. He currently is a Global Director of Technology Development for Pall Corporation’s Fluid Technologies & Asset Protection (FTAP) Group.​

Ali Arshad

Senior Director, Research and Development​

Pall Corporation


Ali Arshad, Ph.D. is Senior Technology Director with Pall Corporation ’Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection’ in Houston, Texas.  Ali has over 31 years of extensive separation and fluid clarification experience in gas processing, refining, and chemical / petrochemical applications. Ali has authored several technical papers, instructed coalescer and separation courses at technical forums, and presented his work at various conferences. Ali holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

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