Eliminate fouling. Increase efficiency.


Purify water, oils and gases in every stage of the power cycle.


Gas turbines operators face an ongoing battle against corrosion, erosion, and fouling of the turbine lubrication system. As the most critical component in the system, they are exceptionally affected by decreased lubrication effectiveness due to the extreme operating conditions.


Our turbine filtering solutions offer protection of the turbine’s bearings and shafts when operating at high temperatures and pressures by removing critically sized contaminants that can, if left unchecked, lead to a costly and catastrophic failure. Pall oil filters are proven to reduce mechanical wear and extend bearing life. In addition corrosion can be all but eliminated to provide the most viable asset protection for the most crucial parts in gas turbine plants.


Gas Turbines Applications

Control fluids


The hydraulic systems controlling the steam valves are some of the most sensitive and critical components in the steam turbine. Pall products combine filtration, dehydration and ion exchange to protect and even reclaim hydraulic fluids, whether mineral or synthetic. With proper filtration and fluid treatment, critical valves are protected against stiction and erosive wear, and hydraulic fluids are protected against thermal degradation or acid formation.


Fuel gas treatment


Pall‘s expertize in liquid and gas fuel treatment ensures that combustion turbines are constantly protected from mechanical and chemical attacks due to fuel impurities. Pall fuel treatment solution combines very efficient particulate filtration with coalescence to remove moisture or aerosols in the fuels. The result is a drastic reduction in the presence of solids, gels, water and salts in the fuels entering the combustion chamber



Injection water


Pall Water Injection filtration systems remove impurities and minerals found in feedwater that can cause buildup and acid formation on injector nozzles and gas turbine blades. The result is a cleaner combustion, better operation of Nox control systems, protection of the boiler against corrosion and reduced water usage overall.




Liquid fuel treatment


As with fuel gas treatment, Pall’s liquid fuel treatment solutions combine very efficient particulate filtration with coalescence to remove moisture or aerosols in the fuels. The result is a drastic reduction in the presence of solids, gels, water and salts in the fuels entering the combustion chamber, that cause erosive wear on injector nozzles and gas turbine blades.


Turbine lubrication


Pall turbine filters provide users with effective and economic removal of critically sized particulate contaminants in lubrication oil. With a long history of demonstrated success, these filters lead to prolonged bearing and shaft life, increased turbine efficiency, and extended oil service life.






Power Through Protection


Gas Turbine Filtration Solutions That Increase Equipment Reliability


Pall Water Injection Filtration systems remove minerals, organic materials, and other particulate matter to exceed purity requirements to allow proper NOx reduction in new generation gas combustion turbines. Contaminant-free water enables gas turbines to optimize power production with less unplanned downtime.


Properly sized, installed, and maintained treatment systems play a key role in gas turbine preventative maintenance planning as components will last longer from less chemical stress. Our durable filtering and treatment products keep water at the high purity standards needed to ensure the quality of the NOx reduction process. The result of effective water treatment is cleaner turbine combustion leading to more efficient power production with less NOx emissions.


Liquid fuel and aerosol mixtures carry chemical and solid contaminants that can affect the performance and service life of  bearings and combustion chambers. These particulates are often responsible for fluid degradation, deposits, and chemical attacks. Our coalescers and oil purifiers safeguard combined cycle plant chambers, injectors, bearings, or seals by removing unwanted contaminants from hydrocarbons.


Pall SepraSol™ Liquid/Gas Coalescers provide quick returns on investment by reducing down time and labor costs. The advanced media in these coalescers is able to process several times more liquid per unit area of media than conventional media which eliminates the need for upstream bulk separation equipment such as mist eliminators and vane separators.


Pall Ultipleat High Flow Filters are large-diameter, coreless, single open ended, pleated cartridges, delivery long filter service life and ease of use in installation and maintenance.


High concentration of suspended contaminates are captured in the filter's unique crescent-shaped pleat geometry and proprietary filter media, allows you to use significantly fewer filters within the smallest available footprint for flows up to 115,443 lpm (30,500 gpm).


Our filter products keep exhaust and reused gases within the required specification to ensure the quality of the process. Pall offer the largest variety of filter media, element sizes and configurations, and filter grades in the industry. Choosing the best filter element for the applications depends largely on the process conditions, solids loading, gas composition, maximum allowable pressure drop and the characteristics of the filter medium.


For more information on Pall’s contamination solutions for gas turbines, call us to talk to a Pall expert.