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Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Craft Beer Clarification

Our dedicated range of specially developed clarification solutions for the gentle treatment of craft beer


Brewery Filtration Systems for Improved Quality and Yield

Changing requirements in the craft and micro brewing industries have encouraged brewers to rethink their production technologies.  Many small brewing operations sell their beers directly from fermenter to consumer without any further treatment. With increasing success in beer sales, the demand for a longer product shelf life is increasing, having the right brewery filtration system is paramount. To preserve and provide the unique taste and flavor of each beer and for wider distribution, efficient filtration becomes essential.


Maintaining the taste or flavor is the main criteria for developing a new filtration solution, but also economics and ease-of-use must be considered. Pall has a dedicated range of clarification solutions specifically developed for the gentle treatment of these unique beers.


Beer Clarification in the Microbrewery


Microbreweries produce a wide range of beers, high in value, rich in taste and often complex in their composition. To preserve this complexity and provide minimal oxygen pick up and negligible beer losses is the challenge for each filter system. 


Pall’s SUPRA product family fulfils all these aspects at low investment and operation cost. SUPRA technology is the well proven filter sheet technology, developed by Seitz in 1886. Part of the Pall family of products, Seitz sheets are one of the most used technologies in the food and beverage industry today because of the gentle and economic way they remove unwanted particles and microorganisms for fluids.  


SUPRAdisc ™ & SUPRApak ™ Modules


The SUPRA family is based on sheet technology, combining the advantages of depth filtration with a closed system. There are two product platforms offering a safe and gentle clarification of beers, very low beer loss, oxygen uptake and costs. 


The SUPRAdisc™ II Filter Module is an upgrade of classical lenticular filters. The  design enables higher filtration area than traditional lenticulars and improved mechanical stability enabling repeated regeneration which prolongs service life significantly.  


SUPRApak combines sheet filter materials with an edge flow technology. This provides a very high dirt holding volume combined with a maximum pressure stability, long service life and high packing density. 


PROFi Craft Systems


For mid to large size craft breweries, the PROFi beer filtration system is designed for the clarification of beer after fermentation/maturation. The system utilizes a membrane filtration downstream of a customer owned centrifuge. Combining the most appropriate technology for separation of the different solids allows for a gentle beer filtration combined with excellent economics. 


The centrifuge enables separation of solids like yeast, coarse colloids and stabilizing materials prior to the filtration system. The membrane filtration block (MBL) removes colloidal fine particles, remaining yeast and haze forming substances. 


With low solids in the membrane system, the energy requirement or crossflow velocity used to control the fouling layer is minimal. This results in extremely gentle beer processing combined with a low economic and ecologic demand.


The PROFi Craft System operates without yeast beer tanks and without pre and after runs, allowing for:


·       Compact system design

·       Smaller installation footprint

·       Reduced waste volumes

·       Better control over the overall process


 Additionally, there is no exposure to iron or manganese, normally found in Kiesulghur, which can negatively affect both flavor and oxidation. Furthermore, the enclosed system design results in extremely low oxygen pick up.


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