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Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Maximizing Carbon Adsorption Efficiency

February, 2024

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Our previous blog post discussed activated carbon's benefits and how it is used frequently in the food and beverage industry. Made by slowly heating organic materials with a high natural carbon content, the activated material surface increases, creating a sub-microscopic network of pores. As activated carbon has a vast surface area, it attracts targeted compounds, removing unwanted chemicals and controlling odor and taste, which is essential in food and beverage production.


How do I improve the adsorptive efficiency of activated carbon?


The success of activated carbon is, of course, its adsorptive capacity. But there is a big difference in how effective this can be, depending on your process. If you're using bulk powdered activated carbon (PAC), you would've noticed the unfavorable process conditions that it can create and the many challenges this presents. To increase the efficiency of activated carbon adsorption, immobilized carbon filter media should be used.


The Benefits of Maximizing Activated Carbon Media with Immobilized Carbon Filter Media


  • Maximizing the adsorption capacity of immobilized activated carbon improves production efficiency. The higher the adsorption capacity, the longer the processing cycles without the need for downtime for cleaning or module replacement.
  • Higher adsorption capacity activated carbon media ensures improved liquid contact with the media's pore structures. As a result, less activated carbon is necessary to achieve the same results.
  • The improved adsorption capacity of immobilized activated carbon media also ensures higher throughput. Plant operators can increase productivity without any additional investment.


In response to the requirements of the food and beverage industry, Pall has introduced the SUPRA AKS FB portfolio. This portfolio uses immobilized carbon filter media for applications including hard seltzer, spirits, and cannabis oil. In addition to providing all the above benefits, the enclosed modular design reduces the housing footprint and allows quick and easy module changes.   Using activated carbon media in food and beverage processes must meet food contact and regulatory requirements.


Visit our dedicated page to learn more about activated carbon filters and SUPRA AKS FB products that can help improve your processes. 


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