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Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

SUPRApak™ Plus Filtration Modules

Higher total throughput and performance

What are SUPRApak PLUS Modules?


SUPRApak Plus Modules are the second generation of pall's SUPRApak filter series that uses advanced sealing technology to seal the infiltrates to filtrate channels.

SUPRApak Plus sealing line detail

SUPRApak Plus detail of PP melt technology

SUPRApak Plus final configuration

Why SUPRApak Plus Modules?


SUPRApak Plus Module is based on a new construction that now allows steam sanitization in the process and offers an optimized dp range for higher total throughput and performance.


Feature  Benefit Value

Advanced sealing technology

  • Higher mechanical stabilty
  • Optmized process safety
  • Modules can be steam sanitized

  • Processes where steam sanitization is need can also be covered
  • Higher dp stabilty and therefore higher total throughput
  • Reduced OPEX
Modular design
  • Saving on filter change outs
  • No time consuming filter sheet handling
  • Reduced CAPEX
Ease of handling
  • Less time needed for filter changeout
  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • Reduced OPEX
Flow configuration based on "edge flow" principle
  • Higher dirt hold up volume
  • Increase availability of filter surface
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Increased and optimized use of the adsorptive capacity of depth filter sheet media
  • Highest possible polishing effect for brightness in the filtered product
  • SH module eliminate chilling in the distilled spirits filtration process
High dirt holding capacity
  • Increased process time
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Increased cost efficiency
  • Improved availbility of the filter line
Compact construction
  • High packing density of filter material
  • Reduced space required for filter housing
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Reduced CAPEX
Filter need no gaskets No time consuming mainteinance compared to classical sheet filters
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Improved availibility of the filter line
Optimized housing design
  • Low dead volumes
  • Reduced cleaning and water volumes needed
  • Heat up of the housing is faster and less energy consuming
  • Reduced filtration costs
  • Redcued product losses


  • Classical DE Sheet Media

  • Ion Reduced Sheet Media

  • Pure Cellulose Sheet Media

Meet the entire range of removal requirements in the food and beverage industry.. Available in multiple grades suitable for microbial reduction and applications requiring fine, clarifying and coarse filtration.


SUPRApak Plus PW Series Modules


  • Meets the entire range of removal requirements in the food and beverage industry. The SUPRApak PW Series  are available in multiple grades suitable for applications requiring fine, clarifying and coarse filtration.



SUPRApak Plus PR Series Modules


  • Beyond cellulose, kieselguhr and perlite, filter sheet material of the SUPRApak PR-series contain up to 40% of polyolefin fibers, specially selected for best possible filtration results. These filter sheets are characterised by an increased chemical and mechanical stability. They are therefore particularly suitable for the filtration of aggressive media. An outstanding property of the HR-sheets is their high resistance to cellulose-degrading enzymes.


Sheets are acid washed for reduced Calcium and Magnesium contents​. For distilled spirits filtration and ion sensitive products to avoid precipitation of Calcium and Magnesium sulfate after filtration.


SUPRApak Plus PH Series Modules (M(12") and S (7.5") - Size)


  • Undergo a proprietary treatment that results in extremely low levels of extractable ions making them the ideal solution for distilled spirits applications. A visually bright finished product free from visible particles is one of the main objectives of spirits filtration. Components (C12-16) fatty acid esters, terpenes, proteins or their complex compounds with metals and/or phenols) of some spirits may precipitate if calcium ion levels are too high. Magnesium may also cause precipitations in tannin containing spirits like whisky and brandy. Standard filter sheets contain small quantities of these extractable ions from the raw materials.


Consists of highly fibrillated pure cellulose (produced without the use of any inorganic material such as DE or Perlite.) ​No ion release, very gentle filtration for Premium Quality Beverages from coarse to microbiological reduction​.


SUPRApak Plus PZ Series Modules (M(12") and S (7.5") - Size)


  • Consists of pure cellulose filter sheet media and has been developed to meet the needs of the food and beverage industry for very pure depth filters without any DE (Diatomateous Earth) or Perlite.
  • Provides excellent filtration performance with full respect to product quality.
  • Lowest impact on color and aroma during filtration of high quality products.


For more information on how our depth filtration solutions can support your needs, please contact our team of experts