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Looking For A Declaration Of Compliance?

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Looking For Declarations Of Compliance? View and Download Compliance and Safety Documents Here!

Protecting Your Investment - Why final filter choices matter


Optimizing filtration efficiency in real-time is a difficult task. This might often leave wineries guessing how to get the best performance from their equipment. Once wines have been crossflow filtered they need to be bottled, and choices in final filtration are critical.


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Andrew DeBono

Key Account Manager

Pall Corporation


Andrew DeBono is a Key Account Manager for Pall Corporation for the ANZ business with responsibility for South Australia and Sunraysia. A region that incorporates approximately two thirds of all wine production in Australia.


Andrew has spent a career in the food and beverage industry and primarily wine. Prior to joining Pall in 2018 held leadership positions in the packaging industry in both Asia Pacific and Europe. While at Pall seeks to support the industry by driving filtration performance both in filtrate and economics, delivering improved business outcomes for customers.


Andrew has a Master of Business Administration from Torrens University Australia. 


Danielle Tromp

Technical Specialist F&B ANZ  

Pall Corporation 


Danielle Tromp is a Technical Specialist for the Food and Beverage division of Australia and New Zealand at Pall Corporation.  


Danielle joined Pall in 2017 and provides technical support to customers in the Food and Beverage market, which includes providing filtration solutions, process optimization, and microbiological expertise. Prior to joining Pall, Danielle held roles as a Laboratory Supervisor at a dairy manufacturing plant and as an Associate Lecturer at La Trobe University.  


Danielle has a Bachelor of Biological Sciences with Honors in Microbiology from La Trobe University. 

Daniel Agyeman

Technical Specialist F&B ANZ  

Pall Corporation 


Daniel Agyeman is a B Sc. Microbiology graduate and working as Technical Specialist for the Food and Beverage division of ANZ at Pall Corporation. 


Daniel joined pall in 2016 and holds strong expertise in filtration solutions and process optimization. Before transitioning to his current role, he was associated with the Pall Biotech division. Prior to joining Pall, he was working for the pharma company CSL in Melbourne in compliance and validation and worked as a Biotechnologist and Development Scientist for Lonza Biologics in the UK. He loves exploring nature and enjoys music and civil aviation.   

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