The Future of Beer: Improving the Sustainability of Your Brewing Process


Duration: 60 minutes

More than ever, consumers are demanding brewers prioritize sustainability. 40-50% of beer drinkers’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by the environmental impact a product has.

However, with brewing as a resource-intensive process, brewers are challenged with improving its impact on the environment. Breweries are doing their part by adopting eco-friendly brewing techniques. These techniques aim to reduce water consumption, minimize waste, and optimize energy usage.

By prioritizing sustainability, breweries can support the preservation of the environment and attract environmentally conscious consumers. Today's consumers actively seek products that align with their values, and sustainable brewing practices provide breweries with a competitive advantage in the market.


Dr. Roland Pahl-Dobrick

Pall Corporation


Dr. Roland Pahl-Dobrick is currently a Beer Market Manager for Pall. Roland spent most of his career at VLB Berlin where he was Head of the Research Institute for Beer and Beverage Production and COO. Roland’s educational background includes an apprenticeship as Brewer and Maltster, as well as studies in Brewing Engineering and a PhD in Brewing Technology.

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